Willie Ip is a graphic designer and art director from New York City. He is currently freelancing at Instagram/Threads and teaches Graphic Design at The School of Visual Arts.

He received his BFA in Graphic Design from Purchase College, School of Art and Design.
Currently he is at Instagram ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Threads by Instagram
Year: 2023
Creative Director: Cynthia Protomo
Design Lead: Brett Itaya
Icon Designer: Jez Burrows
Animation: Dom Han
Producer: Hannah Kealia May
Product Designer: Tarek Younes + More
Year: 2019 — 2023
Art Direction, and product editorial design
report magazine
Year: 2023
9" × 12" • CMYK
Lunch Digital
Year: 2019 – Present
Photography: Oppi
What do you think/do at 4:20pm?
Year: 2019
24" × 36" • CMYK
For Sundae School Open Studio
Amazing Magazine
Year: 2019
Amazing Magazine Nº9
Year: 2019
9" × 11" • CMYK
Designed with Peter Fowler
Amazing Magazine Nº8
Year: 2019
9" × 11" • CMYK
Genius × Showtime
Year: 2019
Event for the launch of Black Monday
Animation: Violet Office
Genius IQ/BBQ
Year: 2018
Annual summer concert
Design Team: Willie Ip, Tania Lili, and Christina Lu
Animation: Violet Office
another gallery
Year: 2018
Identity for a gallery in Lower East Side.
With Jeffery Jones
Prickly Pear
Year: 2018
Process: Fontlab
Produced at Typography Summer School, New York
Genius Editorial Illustrations
Year: 2017–2018
Produced for Genius
Mavis Staples Accompanied Print
Year: 2018
12" × 12" • CMYK
Produced for Vinyl Me Please.
Poster for POWRPLNT.
Year: 2018
Set in custom drawn typeface.
A Situation Constructed from Loose and Overlapping Social and Architectural Aggregates
Year: 2016
Studio: Studio Lin
128 pages • 8.89" × 13" • Hardcover
Miu Miu Seoul Opening Materials
Year: 2016
Studio: 2 × 4
Creative Director: Sung Joong Kim
Design Director: Ryan Weafer
Design Team: Willie Ip, JiEun Rim, and Min Choi
PradaVision Wallpaper Stickers
Year: 2016
Studio: 2 × 4
Creative Director: Sung Joong Kim
Design Team: Willie Ip, and Matteo Messinese
Movie Night Night
Year: 2015–2016
With Megan Bowker